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Atlas Chalet Shingles

This beautiful home looks great from the ground and may not be exibiting any interior problems. This does not mean there are no issues! Navigate this slider to see damages we have found from our inspections. Please give us a call to conduct a free no obligation inspection on your property to see if you have any unknown problems Click arrow on right for damages

Atlas Chalet Shingles Wind Damage Hidden

Atlas Chalet Damages

This shingle would never have been found unless we performed our inspection. This area of the roof was blind from the ground. Because of this shingle, and our experiance, our client was able to get a new roof through the insurance company. Click arrow on right for more damages

Atlas Chalet Shingles Wind Damage

Atlas Chalet Damages

This shingle is wind damaged! It may not look like it, but right at the top of the shingle, up under the ones above it, the shingle has been creased. Since discontinuation of this product in 2010, repair is impossible. This one shingle resulted in our client getting a entire roof replacement through the insurance company! Click arrow on right for more damages

Atlas Chalet Singles Wind Damage Toeboard

Atlas Chalet Damages

This shingle was most likely damaged first by a toeboard (a board nailed against shingle during instalation to walk on). Once a wind storm came through it picked up this shingle and broke that shingle. Due to no product match, we helped our client get a new roof through the insurance!

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Our Main focus is on Atlas Chalet Shingles. We know how to effictively work with your Insurance Company, Atlas or Lawfirms to find the solution best for you.

86% New Roof Ratio


Currently 86% of Atlas Chalet homeowners we have advised to file an insurance claim this year, has gotten a new roof!

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Joe Pierron is the creator and owner of this site

He is a salesman for the roofing company Ridge Valley Exteriors. So "we" is Joe Pierron and the enire Ridge Valley Exteriors family. Early last year he decided to focus on Atlas Chalet Roofing Shingles, and has been able to work with dozens of homeowners and insurance companies to get ones with storm damage a new roof. All claims on this site are directly related to his experiances with customers and the company.

Some other Atlas Chalet websites will sell their leads to the highest bidder. Here we personally handle your situation. If we can not phsically reach you, we will give you the information you need in knowing how to handle your situation and who to trust. There is a whole lot of misinformation about the Atlas Chalet Shingle out there, and we spread the truth! If you want an expert on the Atlas Chalet Shingles then please call us.


I recently had a replacement roof installed by Ridge Valley Exteriors. This initial inspection was done by Joe Pierron. Joe inspected the roof and then issued me a full report. This did indicate some storm damage and my insurance company agreed. Joe then worked with us to select the replacement shingles, schedule the work answer any questions that I had. The crew turned up exactly on the indicated time and worked hard through a hot day to complete the job. Joe visited several times through the installation to see if I was happy and answer my questions or concerns. The job was completed and the roof looks great to me. The clean-up was thorough. The only issue I had was a broken pathway light (probably had something fall on it) and Joe replaced this for me. I would recommend this company (and Joe) for your roofing needs..

Ken Tabiner - Atlas Chalet